Modular and prefabricated houses with Wasserkabel heating/cooling system

We offer modular and prefabricated houses in different sizes with an installed Wasserkabel one-system technology for heating and cooling system. The internal design, position of the entrance and the components of the house can be changed and manufactured according to the requirements of the customer. Modular houses are an excellent option for motels, hostels and student dormitories.

Types of modular houses:

  • single;
  • connected in a row;
  • in several floors.

3 main options:

  • a modular house (size dimensions: L 5800/7900 x W 2250/2400/3000 x H 2800 mm or L 11800x W 2250/2400/3000 x H 2800 mm);
  • a modular house with a shower, WC, and a basin;
  • a modular house with a shower, a WC, a basin and a kitchen area.

Prefabricated houses with a metal framework and sandwich panels (made from metal and filled with stone cotton wool or polyurethane), are suitable for climatic conditions under -20 up to +45 degrees Celsius.

Advantages of modular and prefabricated houses:

  • low costs;
  • fast process of assembling – a 100 sq.m house can be assembled by 4 workers within 2 days;
  • the design of the house can be changed at the request of the customer;
  • manufactured using only environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled;
  • stable metal framework;
  • can endure an over 8-magnitude earthquake and withstand hurricanes;
  • comes with the highly energy-efficient Wasserkabel one system technology for heating and cooling, including air/water heat pump or other source of heat/cold.

Offer based on the modular house with size dimensions – L 5800 x W 2250 x H 2800 mm:

  • Modular house (with the Wasserkabel system) – EUR 5900
  • Modular house (with shower, WC, basin and Wasserkabel system) – EUR 6500
  • Modular house (with shower, WC, basin, kitchen area and Wasserkabel system) – EUR 6900

Special offer: Modular house with size dimensions – L 7900 x W 2460 x H 2800 mm (with shower, WC, basin, kitchen area and Wasserkabel system) with metal supports and stairs for installation in 2 levels – EUR 8200*

*The price doesn’t include the cost of installation of the house on site and the external source of heat/cold, for example, heat pump or chiller. One source of heat/cold may be installed for several houses.