We are pleased to announce that, as a result of successful collaboration between our company and the Hanoi Vocational College of High Technology, on August 22, 2018, we successfully opened a Wasserkabel test room at one of the laborotories of the Hanoi Vocational College of High Technology. The guests of the opening ceremony were able to evaluate the efficiency of the Wasserkabel water capillary mats technology in its cooling mode, as well as in reducing indoor humidity in the climatic conditions of Vietnam.

Wasserkabel technology is installed in the ceiling of the test room, and, on one side of the room, the capillary mats are integrated into the ceiling plaster, while on the other side, the capillary mats are demonstrated in a free-hanging manner, under a decorative grid. In addition, 5 cooling and humidity reduction columns with capillary mats were installed in the room to reduce the air humidity to 55-60%.

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